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They are winning the Sun Tzu stand off, less of a problem if and only if they become Christian.


  Chinese Christians are especially blessed at this time, as they are oppressed by their secular government. No facetiousness is intended. Recall the words of Nikolaj Velimirovic not so very long ago in his work, The Agony of the Church: "There are three ages in the history of the Church: the Golden Age, when the Church was opposed to political governments; the Iron Age, when she was politically directing Europe's kingdoms; and the Stone Age, when she has been subdued to the service of political governments. what a humiliation for the present generation to live in the Stone Age of Christianity!" However, considering the matter further ...  



  In Fatima or in all of Portugal we can't even make a hat?  



Case Study in the destruction of our manufacturing base, family wage paying jobs, and the dignity of our working families
(And these factories and jobs did not move to other locations within European Christendom.)
United States — China Trade Balances, and this means Trade Deficits, year after year, decade after decade.
(Though in 1980 the United States had a small, 2.7 US$ Trade Surplus with China,
but then came Slick Willy and the Shrubbery, followed by a Teleprompter-Reader-in-Chief.)
1990   2015
USA exports to China: US$ 4.8 billion       USA exports to China: US$ 116.2 billion
USA imports from China: US$ 15.2 billion       USA imports from China: US$ 481.9 billion
USA trade deficit with China: US$ 10.4 billion    


USA trade deficit with China: US$ 365.7 billion



The Chinese Christians should not be allowed to immigrate into the lands of United European Christendom, not because they are unworthy of us. It might perhaps be more likely that we are unworthy of them and would bring them down, but the real reason is that the Church and the cause of Christendom overall needs them in China. We need these fine, often heroic soldiers for Christ with their boots on the ground in China. And we should help and support them in every imaginable way, as indeed a re-united and re-evangelized European Christendom will be able to do that which the pusillanimous dis-united half-European post-Christendom clearly can not or will not. And if, dare one say when, with our help and prayers and their perseverance and by the Grace of God the vast majority of Chinese do embrace Christ and his Church, this perhaps more than any other watershed will signal the possibility of United European Christendom evolving into United Christendom.  





As for today and the rest of the Chinese, we need to leave them alone and to their own devices to a greater extent than we have done in recent decades. During these decades the "captains of industry" within UEC have been exporting our manufacturing capacity, and with it the technological achievements of generations and centuries of European Christian workers, and very much of that has gone to China. While some inhabitants within the territories of UEC have benefited much from these transfers -- the attorneys and accountants, the bankers and brokers and management consultants (excuse me, but what is the religio-ethnic breakdown within these circles?) -- the immiseration of the industrial workers of European Christendom has been profound. What was the ratio of annual compensation, CEO to average line worker in 1960, and what was it in 2010? And many now want to do to the farmers of European Christendom what has already been done to the manufacturing workers. The advocates for this particular brand of free and open trade can not sleep at night knowing how unjust and racist it is for Indian and African plantation owners not to have unfettered access to American and other UEC agricultural commodities markets, rather than supplying food to their own populations at the prices those people can afford to pay.

True the Chinese have made some strides toward shifting their economic model toward their own domestic consumption. True the Yuan-Renminbi has appreciated against the US$ by 25% since its depth (although that is largely attributable to the overall weakness of the US$ against all other currencies; the Chinese are still offering almost 9 Yuan for a Euro). True the vast Chinese foreign exchange reserves (almost US$ 3 trillion; the USA has only about $130 billion as of this writing) is rather less than 10 percent of the economic output of UEC in a single twelve-month. Still more needs to be done by far. To take again the example within UEC of the United States, China has been exporting to America more than it imports from America by amounts north of $200 billion every year for years running. In 2010 the US trade deficit with China was $273 billion.

And how does this destruction of UEC workers material position, to say nothing of their character, profit European Christendom over the long term? Has helping China so decisively to develop mean that we have only helped China to develop into a more formidable enemy? Let us watch very closely how they treat their Christians and respond accordingly on many fronts. And let us also consider the betrayal of European Christendom by our own gamma-minus leaders. Atheist-Communist China was admitted as a World Trade Organization member in 2001; India and Nigeria and Zimbabwe in 1995; Vietnam in 2007, but Christian Russia is not yet permitted membership! A great deal of re-working of these entire structures and relationships needs to be undertaken by United European Christendom.


In the 15 years from early 2000 to late 2014, public and private debt increasing 25X, from US$ 1 trillion to US$ 25 trillion! Massive overinvestment in public infrastructure projects; massive inequality in the distribution of weatlh and income, who has benefitted from all this, other than the Chinese princelings and Wall Street?