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Republika Hrvatska


Republic of Croatia


Split Cathedral with Bell Tower    
Together with soldiers he labored to win for Christ, Sveti Dujam – Saint Domnius – Saint Duje, born in Antioch and the Patron Saint of Split, won a martyr's crown on 10 April Anno Domini 304 † during the persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian, whose enormous retirement palace (approximately 160 by 190 meter) occupies so much of this old town of Split, Croatia. Located within that palace complex the an imperial mausoleum for Diocletian was built in the earliest 4th century, but since the early 7th century has been the Splitska Katedrala, now dedicated to the the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to Saint Duje. The bell tower was constructed between the mid-13th century and the mid 16th century, and with additional work in the earliest 20th centurey, incorporating both Romanesque and Gothic elements.    



    Croatian plaque at Naupaktos Battle of Lepanto
    ... Bitka kod Lepanta .




  Bazilika Majke Božje Bistričke  
  Bazilika Majke Božje Bistričke – Basilica of the Mother of God of Bistrica. Though much of these present structures dates to the late 19th century, the town of Marija Bistrica dates back at least as far as 1209, the parish of to 1334. In 1731 the Church was reconsecrated to Gospa Snježna – Our Lady of the Snow. Photo from 19 January 2013.  


  altar Bazilika Majke Božje Bistričke  



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