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The film, United European Christendom — Heal the Schism Now will be made available, at the purchaser's option, on DVD and through a direct download from this website. These will be made available   ... well ... when the film is actually finished and ready, which it is not yet, so please check back.

Though we were previously able to simply include an email address on this webpage, whether happily or unhappily, we have been inundated with messages, so much so that it has been deemed necessary to stem the flow of such, at least to the extent that this can be accomplished through removing our email address from these pages.

Anyone interested in collaborating in a more major way with this film project – and this movement – wishing to see the film completed better and more swiftly, may contact us through the following mechanism: With apologies for the way this may sound (that is, for the actually state of the matter), but we will respond to inquiries and proposals for collaboration from those willing to offer a modest token of the sincerity of their interest, through the mechanism of making a donation of any of 100 € or US$ or CA$ or A$ or NZ$ or £, or of course the equivalent in any of the other currencies current within European Christendom.

[In the fullness of time, and this might mean the day after tomorrow, I may add PayPal Donate or GoFundMe or Patreon buttons and/or other such similar. For now, perhaps I can be forgiven for adding some personal reflections on this matter. Though with notable hiatuses, chiefly coming as a consequence of trying to stay alive, I have been working on the project which is United European Christendom in an active way from the earliest days of 2006 through this January 2018 writing, that is, for twelve years. From January of 2006 through January 2012 the sum total of remuneration, salary, pay, financial sponsorship, or by whatever other name moolah (money, not Muslim clerics) may go I have received has been ... well, it has come to zero dollars and zero cents. Additionally, over these same dozen years I have actually given away sums to other people and their projects in an amount into the six figures in US$s. Some of this has been caritas and some has been in support of my own well- or ill-considered efforts to prime this UEC pump. And in truth, I fee awkward about taking a red cent in donations from anyone. In saying this I am fully aware of the legions of "professional Catholics" people who have not actually solved any problems, nor attempted to eating well for decades off their "me-too" writings and media and academic posts, as also their favorite rejoinder, "I am not getting rich off of this," as if that is the standard. Only a few days ago, I chuckled when saw a Patreon button on a guy's few-weeks-old YouTube channel and place-holder website. Do you sense some ambivalence in connection with me, this project and financial sponsorship? If you do, good! Intellect and integrity allow no other sensibility. If later I do add PayPal Donate or GoFundMe or Patreon buttons, and if you have found your way to this or to a successor page, and if you are considering donating, please do not do so because you want to help me or imagine that you are doing so. Donate because you approve this project's message and want to get the word out. Then, in the privacy of your thoughts, compare your contribution to twelve-years of labor and an emptied bank account.

Meanwhile, European Christendom and the Church Militant are in rapid decline.

With honesty,

David Owen Corson