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Freemasonry - Freimaurerei - Масонство - Franc-maçonnerie - Masonería - Wolnomularstwo

Liberi Muratori - Francs Massons - Massoneria - הבונים החופשיים - Ελευθεροτεκτονισμός‏


1517 Martin Luther accepts God and Christ, but denies the Church.

1717 The "speculative" Freemasons (as opposed to actual stone workers) claim to accept God in the form of their deity, the Great Architect, but deny Christ and the Church.

1917 The Bolsheviks' struggles of hateful, hypocritical  vengeance are crowned with success, which soon envelop much of the world, denying God, Christ and the Church.

This is not, at its foundations and in its aspirations, a social boy's club for honest working men, whatever 95% of its clueless members conclude, not at all the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes.

... guys, get a life, spend (more) time in your local parish Church or play frisbee with your children and your dog ...

The Christian faith is irreconcilable with the false religion which is Freemasonry, a.k.a., the Craft.



Alternative to and therefore in opposition to the actual revealed Truth which is orthodox Christianity, Freemasonry is a religion with its own:  
  Identification names for its god and its heaven;  
  Iconography (symbols) for its god and its heaven;  
  Theology and doctrines (belief system), as also presented in its bible, the "Masonic Bible" (some of which are contrary to Christianity, a mixture of truth and lies, as evil seductively usually is);  
  Ritual (Book of Constitutions) embodying and reflecting its doctrine, as aslo likewise a cycle of feast days;  
  Sacred objects, supremely an altar, and also vestments and consecration rites ("anointing"/setting apart/pagan rituals/oaths); and  
  Highly organized hierarchical authority structures.  


"Speculative Masonry, now known as Freemasonry, is, therefore, the scientific application and the religious consecration of the rules and principles, the technical language and the implements and materials, of operative Masonry to the worship of God as the Grand Architect of the Universe, and to the purification of the heart and the inculcation of the dogmas of a religious philosophy."

"It is neither charity nor almsgiving, nor the cultivation of the social sentiment; for both of these are merely incidental to its organization; but it is the search after truth."

"It is a science which is engaged in the search after Divine Truth, and which employs symbolism as its method of instruction."

  The science of divine truth, the science of god, this is the basic definition of theology.
  -Albert G. Mackey, Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Vol I-    





Orthodox definitive statements on the irreconcilability of Christianity and Freemasonry



"It is needless now to put the Masonic sects upon their trial. They are already judged; their ends, their means, their doctrines, and their action, are all known with indisputable certainty. Possessed by the spirit of Satan, whose instrument they are, they burn like him with a deadly and implacable hatred of Jesus Christ and of His work; and they endeavour by every means to overthrow and fetter it."

  From Dall'alto dell'Apostolico Seggio,
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Freemasonry in Italy,
promulgated on 15 October 15 1890.
... The Church's negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enrol in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.
  Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect
Catholic definitive statements on the irreconcilability of Christianity and Freemasonry


Protestant definitive statements on the irreconcilability of Christianity and Freemasonry




Scottish Rite with 33 degrees - "light" degrees, as in illumination, or honors   York Rite   (other rites)
    Master Mason    
    Fellow Craft    
    Entered Apprentice    



  American Freemasonry as symbolized so appropriately by the Washington Monument and indeed by George Washington  
  The short-lived (1828 to 1838) Anti-Masonic Party was the first major "Third Party" in United States national politics. With Christian populist themes, it originated in upstate New York, paradoxically like Joseph Smith's Mormonism of the same time. Not only Orthodox-Catholic Christianity, but also Baptists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists and Methodist ministers of the time issued statements condemning Freemasonry, even if without understanding the depth and dimensions of the evil.  




  Do most, many, even the overwhelming majority of active Masons simply not understand what Freemasonry is all about, not understand that it is at its fundamental core a denial of Christianity and of the Founder of Christianity, the Eternal Triune God, the Creator of Heaven and of Earth, of all things visible and invisible? Do most just think it is a social club for men, a way to obtain loyal friends and helpers in this rough old world? Maybe. And maybe most Muslims are just trying to live now and go to "heaven" later, as they conceive heaven, having no plans and no inclination to do their neighbors harm. But just as men are drawn again and again back to the Truth when once they have the deposit of faith, so too these others — Muslims and Mormons and Masons — will be drawn again and again back to the tenets of their creeds, and it is in those creeds that they will finally reside, absent a fixed resolve to break away from them.  



  Freedom of Religion?  
  For a bishop, as God’s steward, must be blameless; he must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of goodness, master of himself, upright, holy, and self-controlled; he must hold firm to the sure word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to confute those who contradict it. For there are many insubordinate men, empty talkers and deceivers, especially the circumcision party; they must be silenced, since they are upsetting whole families by teaching for base gain what they have no right to teach.  
    Titus 1:7-11 [emphasis added]  
  [T]each what befits sound doctrine ... Declare these things; exhort and reprove with all authority. Let no one disregard you.  
    Titus 2:1,15  


Rise, and have no fear.   This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him. the Holy Spirit Man proposes, God disposes