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  Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas  
  Морской Собор Святителя Николая Чудотворца, Автор проекта Василий Антонович и Георгий Антонович Косяков, Строительство 1903—1913 годы
– Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, work lead by Vasilii and Georgy Kosyakov, consecrated in 1913




Pierre le Grand in Kronstadt   Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen

Пётр (Великий) I – Peter (the Great) I of Russia – Pierre le Grand
(r. 30 May (N.S. 9 June) 1682 to 28 January (N.S. 8 February) 1725).
Monument in Kronstadt by Théodore-Joseph-Napoléon Jacques (1804 - 1876)



  Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen – Фабиан Готтлиб Таддеус фон Беллинсгаузен ( * 9/20 September 1778 – 13/25 January 1852 †), Baltic (Estonian) German in Russian Imperial service leader of the circumnavigation expedition which discovered Antarctica on 28 January (N.S) 1820, two whole days before another expedition, lead by another Descendant of European Christendom, the British Royal Navy's Edward Bransfield (1785 - 1852), a Catholic from County Cork, Ireland, did so.
Scupture in Kronstadt by Ivan Schröder



  Apse and Dome  















  Kronstadt Naval Cathedral  











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