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Ethnophyletism or just Phyletism – Филетизм – Phyletismus – Filetism
Filetizam – Філетызм – Ֆիլետիզմ – Філетизм

– from the Greek ἔθνος (ethnos) "nation" + φυλετισμός (phyletismos) "tribalism" –

The Bane of Orthodoxy




  Phyletism Article on OrthodoxWiki 6 VII 2015  
  Not to pick on OrthodoxWiki. One can often be grateful to its contributors for their articles, and indeed the referenced effort is better than nothing. At least it serves as a placeholder, alerting perusers of OrthodoxWiki to the existence of some slight public awareness of the issue. Still the size and state of this "article" – copied for purposes of Fair Comment on 6 July 2015 – illustrate poignantly the utter inability of the Big "O" Orthodox to deal with this most destructive of distortions in Orthodoxy, a failure readily traceable to the Orthodox inability to develop a model of model of ecclesiastical Primacy at the universal level which is both canonical and viable. Yet the Phyletism itself has become the chief impediment, or certainly one such, to the Orthodox finding (and presenting to the Catholic hierarchy) such a model, and so the destructive circle continues.  






"The only thing the Church can never sanction, and in that she is the faithful organ of the truth and the will of God, is divisions and national rivalries as a definitive condition of human society. The true Church will always condemn the doctrine that affirms that there is nothing beyond national interests, this new paganism which makes a nation its supreme deity, this false patriotism which wishes to replace religion. ...

"It is not in the West, it is in Byzantium that the original sin of nationalist particularism and cesaro-papist absolutism have, for the first time, introduced death to the social body of Christ. And the successor of Byzantium now with responsibility is the Russian Empire. And today, Russia is the only country in Christendom where the national State affirms without reserve its exclusive absolutism in making of the Church an attribute of nationality and a passive instrument of the secular government ..."

    L’Idée russe – Русская Идея –The Idea of Russia, by Владимир Сергеевич Соловьёв – Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov, Paris, 1888  





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