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Свято-Успенский Псково-Печерский Монастырь

Holy Dormition Pskov Monastery of the Caves

  Ukrainian Baroque cupolas  
  Купола Успенско-Покровской Церкви в Стиле Украинского Барокко – Ukrainian Baroque cupolas, XIX century additions, above the Intercession-Dormition Churches.  











a text an angel bears

  angel bearing text




  Pskov Monastery of the Caves ... from east northeast looking west southwest  
  ... from east northeast looking west southwest and all in United European Christendom – Объединённое Европейское Христианство  




  Церковь Николы Вратаря  
  Церковь Николы Вратаря – Church of Saint Nikolai at the Gate (built 1565) and the Holy Gates Tower – Святые Надвратная Петровская Башня  




  Успенская площадь – Dormition Square  
  Успенская площадь с Покровской церкви (построенной 1759), слева зрителя, и Успенская церковь (построен 1473), на право зрителя, разделяя общую стену.  
  Dormition Square with the Intercession Church (built 1759), to the viewer's left, and the Assumption Church (built 1473), to the viewer's right, sharing a common wall.  
  The Sacristy – Ризница to the far left (red building) dates to the XVI (or XVII) century  





    σήμαντρον – Semantron – Било




  одуванчика и крошечные синий  



  beauty from home  




  Izborsk Tower – Изборская башня  
  Izborsk Tower – Изборская башня  




Осада Пскова – Оборона Пскова – The Siege (or Defense, depending on one's perspective) of Pskov   Карл Павлович Брюллов Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
Осада Пскова – Оборона Пскова – The Siege (or Defense, depending on one's perspective) of Pskov. (Take no aire of superior virtue, dear Russian sisters and brothers. Your treatment of Christian Poland has been villainous, and a whole lot more recently than 1581.)   A painting in a hall of the Третьяков – Tretyakov, the work of 1839-1843 by К.П. Брюллов – K.P. Bryullov (1799 - 1852), depicting the Siege of Pskov lead by Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth King Stephan Batory in 1581.




  Собор в честь архистратига Божьего Михаила  



  Собор в честь Архистратига Михаила  
  Собор в честь Архистратига Михаила (сооружён в 1815-1827 годах) по проекту Итало-швейцарский архитектор Луиджи Руска в стиле Классицизма.  
  Cathedral in honor of the Archangel Saint Michael (built 1815-1827) on the plans of the Italian-Swiss architect, Luigi Rusca (1762-1822) in the classical style.  
  The Church was built to celebrate a victory over Napoleon in October of 1812 by troops led by  
  Генерал-Фельдмаршал Граф Людвиг Адольф Петер Витгенштейна – Generalfeldmarschall Graf (seit 1834 Fürst) Ludwig Adolf Peter zu Sayn-Wittgenstein  
  Бедные, бедные Славянофилы! poor, poor Slavophiles!  




  Taylovskaya Tower and Tower of Upper Lattices guarding Saint Michael's Cathedral  
  From the Southwest, and from viewer's left: Тайловская Башня– Taylovskaya Tower > Башня Верхних решёток – Tower of Upper Lattices > then wall climbing up toward the Тарарыгина Башня – Tararygina Tower (not pictured here). Inside the monastery fortress walls can be seen the golden dome of Михайловский Собор – the Cathedral dedicated to Archangel Michael.  



"Rise, and have no fear."   "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him." the Holy Spirit Man proposes, God disposes