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Santiago de Compostela




Many would say the most important site in the Spanish-speaking world.

Catedral de Santiago de Compostela - Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (1075 - 1211), with added Baroque 18th century
Façade of the Obradoiro, depicting Apostle Saint James the Greater and his two disciples, Athanasius and Theodore.






יַעֲקֹב - Ἰάκωβος - Santiago de Zebedeo/Santiago el Mayor - Иаков Зеведеев - Apostle Saint James the Greater, son of Zebedee, brother of Apostle Evangelist Saint John the Theologian. Reliquary in Santiago de Compostella, Spain.

The brothers —Βοανηργες - Boanerges, Sons of Thunder — were two of The Three Apostles Jesus selected and set apart even with the body of The Twelve Apostles, the other of The Three being Apostle Saint Peter, their leader.


uec_es_santiago_de_compostella_santiago_de_zebedeo_relicario_zo   uec_es_santiago_de_compostella_santiago_de_zebedeo_relicario











Alonso III de Fonseca - Universidad de Santiago de Compostela   Alpha and Omega
Alonso III de Fonseca - Universidad de Santiago de Compostela    







uec_es_santiago_de_compostella_cruz_de_santiago_angels   Fleurs de lys




  Palacio de Rajoy, Santiago de Compostella  




uec_es_santiago_de_compostella_catedral_cavalry   uec_es_santiago_de_compostella_palacio_de_rajoy_sword
Reconquista ... in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela,   and across the street atop the Palacio de Rajoy



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