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Kongeriket Norge - Kongeriket Noreg


Kingdom of Norway






Nordic Flags with Nordic Crosses
    Something striking even for secular atheists, is it not? And in point of fact the lapsed-Christian Nordic countries have not
switched their flags from bearers of the Nordic Christian Cross to carriers of the Islamic Crescent ... not yet anyway.


Greenlandic flag alternative with Christian Nordic Cross   Faroe Islands (Denmark) flag with Christian Nordic Cross   Sealtainn – Shetland flag with Christian Nordic Cross   Arcaibh – Orkney Islands flag with Christian Nordic Cross   Swedish Åland – Ahvenanmaa – Åland Islands in Finland flag with Christian Nordic Cross Eesti – Estonia flag with Christian Northern Cross

Grønland – Greenland (in future)

  Føroyar – Færøerne – Faroe Islands   Sealtainn – Shetland Islands  

Arcaibh – Orkney Islands

  Åland – Ahvenanmaa Eesti – Estonia ( in future)




  Osebergskipet – Oseberg Ship  
  Osebergskipet – Oseberg Ship — a clinkerbuilt ship, the oldest extant known, constructed of iron riveted oak planks, it is 21.5 m long and 5 m broad, with a mast of c. 9–10 m.
Propelled by a 90 m² sail or by as many as 30 oarsmen, the Osebergskipet ship has been dated to 820 Anno Domini, though thought by some to be still older, her second life
was as a interment ship, a large coffin, having been buried in the Oseberghaugen ved Slagen in the year 834. She now rests in the Vikingskipshuset på Bygdøy in Oslo.




detail from Osebergskipet – Oseberg Ship   detail Osebergskipet – Oseberg Ship   Osebergskipet – Oseberg Ship detail

Carvings on the stem and the stern of the Osebergskipet – Oseberg Ship.





  Gokstadskipet – Gokstad Ship  
  Gokstadskipet – Gokstad Ship, built perhaps as much as one hundred years after the Osebergskipet, in c. 890 Anno Domini. Like the Osebergskipet, the Gokstadskipet was clinker built, with the edges of each hull planks overlapping the plank lower down. The keel was made from one piece of oak, 17 meters long, with the overall ship length of 23.8 meters, width of 5.2 meters, maximum displacement of c. 20 ton, net weight 12 ton, and with a mast probably 10 meters in height. What a very different kind of European man would have sailed and rowed (the Gokstadskipet was fitted for 16 pairs of oarsmen) this boat, ladden with provisions and live cattle, across thousands of miles of open ocean, with individual legs of the journey exceeding a thousand miles.  




        Norge - Noreg - Forente Europeisk Kristendommen
        Norway - United European Christendom