Territories and Cultures of United European Christendom





USA-Alaska Canada   Greenland Iceland       Norway Sweden Finland   Russia  
        Ireland United Kingdom


Denmark   Estonia
Belgium Latvia
Luxembourg Lithuania
  United States of America         France Germany   Poland Belarus
          Monaco Switzerland Czech Republic Slovakia Ukraine
Liechtenstein Austria Hungary
        Andorra   San Marino Slovenia Serbia Moldova      
Bosnia & Herzegovina Macedonia Romania
Portugal Italy Montenegro   Bulgaria
Spain Albania
                Malta   Greece Cyprus Armenia    
    Costa Rica                        
    Chile Argentina Uruguay                 Australia New Zealand



The territory of the Church and over which the jurisdictional authority of the Church extends includes also and equally those areas pictured in grey on the map above, those countries which are not here mentioned. The jurisdictional territory of the Church is the entire world, yes, but in reality the authority of The Church — the Body of Christ, the Icon of the Holy Trinity, the Perpetual Pentecost — extends to the Milky Way Galaxy with its hundreds of billions of stars and planets, to all the other hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe and to the rest of the universe. But perhaps we can be forgiven for not straying into discussions touching on Proxima Centauri or gigaparsecs. Our focus on these pages here is on the contribution that can be made to the visible unity of the Orthodox-Catholic Church by the members of that civilization which is European Christendom. After all, it is our members who played the leading roles in creating the schisms which must now be unwound.  



Viator – Traveler
  Singular Plural
Nominative Viator Viatores
Genitive Viatoris Viatorum
Dative Viatori Viatoribus
Accusative Viatorem Viatores
Ablative Viatore Viatoribus
Vocative Viator Viatores
  Man is a viator. His earthy destiny is to be on his way somewhere. God Is his only real home.
  No European can be in a complete exile in any part of Europe
    Edmund Burke in 1796  




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