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Winston Churchill


Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 to 1965)

Member of Parliament from 1900 to 1964, except for two brief periods.

First Lord of the Admiralty, 24 October 1911 – 25 May 1915 and 3 September 1939 – 11 May 1940

Chancellor of the Exchequer, 6 November 1924 – 4 June 1929

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 10 May 1940 – 26 July 1945 and 26 October 1951 – 7 April 1955

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1953

Out of place on this website, a superfluous tangent, yes maybe. But what is to do if he continues to be taken as some kind of model par excellence for the statesman of European Christendom?


Winston Churchill bronze on Parliament Square  

Winston Spencer Churchill, Freemason from 24 May 1901, Studholme Alliance Lodge No. 1591.

Financed from 1936 while in the wilderness by a pressure group, largely though not entirely Jew, The Focus, including for example through a July 1936 gift of £40,000 by the then chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, Wilhelm Rudeloff, a Jew. At that time this was an enormous sum of money. Churchill's pension as a former Member of Parliament was £500 per annum.

The bronze statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square, London by Ivor Roberts-Jones.    





Letter from the most important Zionist Jew then in the World, Chaim Weizmann, to the megalomaniacal leader of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill
  confessing with pride and a palpable sense of entitlement to reciprocity  
  I. The decisive role played by American Jewry in bringing the United States into World War I  
(which was in turn the decisive cause of the German defeat > the betrayal of Germany which was a starvation blockade and the Treaty of Versailles > the rise and success of Nazism)
  II. An offer to use the same forces of American Jewry to bring the United States of America into World War II on the side of the  
  United Kingdom and the Soviet Union.  
  10 September 1941  

The Right Honorable Winston S. Churchill, P.C., M.P., 10 Downing Street, SW1


Greeting: Dear Mr. Prime Minister,


I wish to thank you for the very kind message which you sent me through Mr. Martin. I deeply appreciate it. Still, our position has become so serious (nay, critical), that I feel I must lay the facts before you by letter if I cannot do so personally.

Two years have passed since, on the outbreak of the war I offered to His Majesty's government, on behalf of the Jewish people, the fullest active support of Jews in Palestine and throughout the world. A whole year has elapsed since you gave your personal approval to our offer to recruit the greatest possible number of Jews in Palestine for the fighting services and to form "Jewish military units abroad for service in the Middle East or elsewhere. But during these two years our readiness to serve has earned us only rebuffs and humiliations. Even in Palestine, where the need for ur service was acknowledged, our most zealous endeavours have not received a single word of public acknowledgement. Ten thousand Palestinian Jews have fought in Libya, Abyssinia, Greece, Crete, and Syria. But our people are never mentioned; our name is shunned, all contact or co-operation with us is kept dark as if it were compromising.

In March last, before I left for the United States, I was given, in a letter from the Colonial Secretary, the assurance that the formation of the Jewish fighting force was reluctantly postponed - but surely postponed at the utmost for six months. I know with what enthusiasm the announcement that it is to be formed at last would be received by our people in Palestine and throughout the world. But this is not to be, even now. Even in Palestine, our people, for whom the defence of their country and of the British position in the Middle East may be literally a matter of life and death, are permitted to serve only under humiliating limitations and conditions.

Tortured by Hitler as no nation has ever been in modern times, and advertised by him as his foremost enemy, we are refused by those who fight him the chance of seeing our name and our flag arrayed against him.

I know that this exclusion is not in your own intentions and spirit. It is the work of people who were responsible for the Munich policy in Europe and for the White Paper in Palestine. We were sacrificed to win over the Mufti of Jerusalem and his friends who were serving Hitler in the Middle East; whereas the only thing which can secure the Arab is British strength in the Middle East, as has been clearly shown in Iraq.

But are the Jews so utterly unimportant as the treatment meted out to them suggests? I have spent months in America, traveling up and down the country, and clearly searching the American scene. Forces over there are finely balanced; the position is uncertain. There is only one big ethnic group which is willing to stand, to a man, for Great Britain, and a policy of "all-out-aid" for her: the five million American Jews. From Secretary Morgenthau, Governor Lehman, Justice Frankfurter, down to the simplest Jewish workman or trader, they are conscious of all that this struggle against Hitler implies.

It has been repeatedly acknowledged by British Statesmen that it was the Jews who, in the last war, effectively helped to tip the scales in America in favour of Great Britain. They are keen to do it - and may do it - again . But you are dealing with human beings, with flesh and blood, and the most elementary feeling of self respect sets limits to service, however willing, if the response is nothing but rebuffs and humiliations. American Jewry waits for a word - a call - from His Majesty's Government. The formation of a Jewish fighting force would be that signal. Equipment cannot be the determining factor; there will always be some alternative use for whatever equipment is available; and fresh recruits are all the time being called up in the British Commonwealth by their hundreds of thousands, while we are being told to wait for one single division because of lack of equipment. If the spirit of American Jewry is roused, the influence which this will exercise on America's rather sluggish production will return to you that equipment with manifold gains.

Let me feel, Mr. Prime Minister, that our friendship is not spurned on the British side, nor our name obliterated at a time when Hitler is endeavouring to obliterate our very existence.

Yours very truly

Initials: C W

Chaim Azriel Weizmann  
ויצמן   עזריאל   חַיִים
  Хаім Вейцман
  (27 November 1874 – 9 November 1952)
  President of the World Zionist Organization (1920–31 and 1935–46);
  First President of the Jewish State of Israel, 17 February 1949 – 9 November 1952
  [letter discovered in Weizmann archives by D.J.C.I.]







We must not regard war with a modern Power as a kind of game in which we may take a hand, and with good luck and good management may play adroitly for an evening and come safe home with our winnings. It is not that, and I rejoice that it cannot be that. A European war cannot be anything but a cruel, heart-rending struggle, which, if we are ever to enjoy the bitter fruits of victory, must demand, perhaps for several years, the whole manhood of the nation, the entire suspension of peaceful industries, and the concentrating to one end of every vital energy in the community.

I have frequently been astonished since I have been in this House to hear with what composure and how glibly Members, and even Ministers, talk of a European war. I will not expatiate on the horrors of war, but there has been a great change which the House should not omit to notice. In the former days, when wars arose from individual causes, from the policy of a minister or the passion of a King, when they were fought by small regular armies of professional soldiers, and when their course was retarded by the difficulties of communication and supply, and often suspended by the winter season, it was possible to limit the liabilites of the combatants. But now, when mighty populations are impelled on each other, each individual severally embittered and inflamed, when the resources of science and civilisation sweep away everything that might mitigate their fury, a European war can only end in the ruin of the vanquished and the scarcely less fatal commercial dislocation and exhaustion of the conquerors. Democracy is more vindictive than Cabinets. The wars of peoples will be more terrible than those of kings.

    Winston Churchill in his 13 May 1901 speech to the House of Commons  
  "My God! This is living History .... I would not be out of this glorious delicious war for anything the world could give me."  
    Winston Churchill in 1914 as First Lord of the Admiralty  




  Hinterschellenberg Russen Denkmal «1. RUSSISCHEN NATIONALARMEE DER DEUTSCHEN WEHRMACHT» "1st Russian National Army of the German Wehrmacht" 1-й Русской национальной армии германского вермахта  in Liechtenstein  
  Here in Hinterschellenberg, on the night of 2 May 1945, the asylum-seeking remainder of the "1st Russian National Army of the German Wehrmacht" under Major General A. Holmston-Smyslowsky, with about 500 fully equipped men, crossed the border of the Greater German Reich into Liechtenstein. The first negotiations took place in the "Wirtschaft zum Löwen" tavern, which led to the granting of asylum by the Principality of Liechtenstein. It was the only country which resisted the Soviet Union's extradition demands. After two and a half years, the Russians were free to leave for a country of their choice.  
  Здесь, в Хинтершелленберге, в ночь на 2 мая 1945 года в поисках убежища пересекли границу между Великим Германским рейхом и Лихтенштейном остатки 1-й Русской национальной армии германского вермахта под началом генерал-майора А. Хольмстона-Смысловского в количестве около 500 человек с полным вооружением. Первые переговоры состоялись в трактире «Wirtschaft Zum Löwen», приведшие к предоставлению убежища в Княжестве Лихтенштейн. Тем самым Лихтенштейн стал единственным государством, противостоявшим советским требованиям об экстрадиции. Спустя два с половиной года русским была предоставлена возможность выезда в страны по собственному выбору.  




The guy was certainly not all bad:  
  "Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step, and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it (Islam) has vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."
    W.S. Churchill, in 1899



  "With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of leading figures are Jews. Moreover the principal inspiration and the driving power comes from Jewish leaders."  

Churchill on the Bolsheviks (it was later learned that V.I. Lenin was also one-quarter Jew, and he was married to one, Nadezhda Krupskaya.).



  Of course the “appeasers” thought firstly of their own countries as most statesmen do and are usually praised for doing. But they thought of others also. They doubted whether the peoples of eastern Europe would be best served by war. The British stand in September 1939 was no doubt heroic; but it was heroism mainly at the expense of others. The British people suffered comparatively little during six years of war. The Poles suffered catastrophe during the war, and did not regain their independence after it. In 1938 Czechoslovakia was betrayed. In 1939 Poland was saved. Less than one hundred thousand Czechs died during the war. Six and a half million Poles were killed. Which was better—to be a betrayed Czech or a saved Pole? [emphasis added]  
    Masterfully stated by
A.J.P. Taylor in his Origins of the Second World War (1961),
though anyone and everyone might readily make the same observation.